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Partnering with remote Communities in one of the poorest countries on earth

Temwa means the love within a community. We are a UK charity (no. 1185889) working directly with remote communities in Malawi - empowering local people to end poverty and transform their own futures. 

Our work is community-driven and sustainable, recognising that complex causes of poverty need interlinked and long-term solutions. We currently work with communities in Nkhata Bay North, an isolated area of Northern Malawi, where locals live in scattered upland and lakeshore villages. Here, two in five people live on less than £1 a day. High rates of HIV, low levels of literacy, vulnerability to flooding and droughts and prevalent waterborne diseases are just some of the many challenges faced by people living there. 

Our work helps the communities to find sustainable solutions that address these causes. We build a clear exit strategy into our projects, empowering local structures and people to continue activities independent of our support. Our aim is to work ourselves out of a job. 

In a country with one of the highest rates of deforestation in the world and where huge numbers of people rely on rich fertile land for survival, our agriculture and forestry projects are essential. Since we were founded in 2003, we have worked with communities to plant over 1.5 million trees, train 5,000 families to farm sustainably, and help local governing bodies to develop laws to protect their forests. Now we’re bringing a fresh, community to community approach to carbon balancing.

About Carbon Balancing

Carbon balancing means supporting projects that remove CO2 from the atmosphere, or reduce CO2 emissions, to balance the emissions caused by your own activities.

CO2 emissions from driving, flying, commercial and household energy, along with forest destruction, increase carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere. This creates changes to the global climate and threatens livelihoods and ecosystems. 

Individuals, businesses and governments around the world are making efforts to reduce emissions, but alongside this, carbon balancing has an important role to play in the fight against climate change.

Temwa’s approach to Carbon Balancing is as much about people as it is about carbon

Our community-led approach enables local people to plant trees, enforce forestry management and adopt sustainable farming methods. It’s a partnership: the work we do to capture carbon also benefits people. We help communities to produce green, fertile landscapes, improving soil quality for farming and building greater resilience to climate shocks. 

Our work targets remote communities in Malawi who are affected by forest destruction and poverty. These same communities experience some of the worst impacts of climate change - flooding, food and water shortages and landslides. Temwa Carbon Balance focusses on working with Nkhata Bay North, to plant more trees, protect forests and adopt sustainable agriculture. We measure the impact on carbon levels and poverty reduction, while working towards formal accreditation via the Gold Standard.

By tackling the root causes of poverty alongside tree planting, we can make sure that the trees we plant will stay in the ground. 


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