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Start your Balanced Business journey with Temwa and see how you can stand out in your market, have a direct impact on communities in Malawi and balance your carbon emissions. 

Knowing where your money is going is important for your staff, customers and clients. You’ll receive updates and stories from the communities you are supporting.  

Become Carbon Balanced with Temwa today.

Carbon Balanced with Temwa in five easy steps

1. Connect with us: Speak to our team, fill in our connect form.  

2. Costing your Emissions: Do you know your emissions?

Yes. Together we can build a Balance Package.

No. We can offer you a carbon audit.

3. Building your Balanced Business Package: We’ll tailor an annual or monthly package to help you achieve carbon balance.

4. Balanced Business materials: You’ll receive certificates and resources to add to your brand, website and communication materials and let your customers, staff and clients know your carbon status. 

5. Direct Impact: We'll send you regular updates about the communities and families your business is supporting in Malawi.


Temwa Carbon Balance on Film

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An invitation for the Official Launch of Temwa Carbon Balance

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Welcome from Jo, our Co-Founder

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