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Celebrating One Year of Temwa Carbon Balance

Turning Over a New Leaf

Celebrating Temwa’s 2020 successes in Nkhata Bay North...

It’s been almost a year since we celebrated the launch of Temwa Carbon Balance together in Bristol. Joined by Dr Caps Msukwa Chair of Trustees of Temwa Malawi, and over 70 people and businesses from across Bristol to discuss how Temwa Carbon Balance is bringing communities together, protecting forests and transforming livelihoods to mitigate the effects of climate change.

We’re so pleased to share that this year, Temwa Carbon Balance has planted 18,000 pine, acacia, and agroforestry trees benefiting about 350 people. We’ve been able to plant 50% more trees than needed to balance the emissions committed by Temwa Balance and we’re excited to go even further. Here are a few stories from the communities in Nkhata Bay north who have benefited from your support…

Read the 2020 Temwa Carbon Balance report here…

“Today I am proud to tell the world that I am an influential citizen of Malawi” 

Edna is a farmer, mother of four, and proud planter of over 1,500 trees. In the past, charcoal production was the way to earn money where Edna lives, which meant that trees were cut down daily. Your support to Temwa Carbon Balance is helping Edna’s family to earn a living from tree planting, sustainable farming and livestock production – without cutting down trees that would further erode the landscape that they depend upon for food. Edna’s been sharing this new knowledge with other farmers in the village so that other families just like hers can also enjoy food security and a more stable income. 

We’re so excited to strive towards our vision of reforesting Northern Malawi. Since 2003, Temwa has planted over 1.5 million trees, supported forest management and helped families adopt sustainable farming methods. Working in partnership with communities in Nkhata Bay North, we will continue to support communities to capture CO2 through trees, allowing you and your business to transparently balance your carbon emissions.

On behalf of the Temwa Team, we want to thank you once again for contributing towards our Temwa Carbon Balance Programme in 2020 and we do hope your support can continue in 2021 so together we can take small steps to help tackle the climate crisis the world is facing.

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