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When we have trees we have food

When we have trees, we have food

Last year, we visited a tree nursery in Mzgola. Here we met Mr Chadzeka who shared with us why he and his neighbours were committed to planting trees. 

The area where they live has been heavily deforested in the past. Temwa’s agriculture and forestry team came and worked with farmers and leaders in the local community to replant the land and stop this happening in the future. During the training, they learned how deforestation makes it harder to grow food as the quality of soil is reduced and the rainy season is shorter. 

Mr Chadeza and a few other formed a village natural resource management committee with Temwa’s support. They  set up a tree nursery where members from the community help to plant new trees and learn about forests. Mr Chadzeka said:

“I plant trees because they help to reduce deforestation. When the natural resources are disappearing, we have to replace them so we can benefit from it in the future. If there are no trees in the area the rain does not come but when it does it washes everything away. The reason we are planting trees is to restore the goodness in the soil. The trees are important, when we have trees we have food.

Mr Chadzeka

Reaching 1.5 million trees

When we met Mr Chadzeka in early 2018, over one million trees had been planted. We have just reached an exciting milestone. Together with communities in Malawi we have planted over 1.5 million trees. 

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