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Welcoming Quirky Campers to Temwa Carbon Balance

Welcoming Quirky Campers to Temwa Carbon Balance

We are delighted to announce that Quirky Campers has become our latest partner to become carbon balanced with Temwa. Take a look at this short film to find out why Quirky Campers have chosen to balance their emissions with Temwa Carbon Balance.

A message from Temwa's Co-founder, Jo Hook

"The partnership between Temwa Carbon Balance and Quirky Campers feels particularly special as the team at Quirky Campers really understands the importance of the work Temwa undertakes with its carbon balance project. Lindsay Berresford (CEO & Co-Founder at Quirky Campers) supported Temwa in the early days when her band Little Stampede would perform at fundraising gigs to raise money for our charity, so there is historical support, understanding, respect, and appreciation. 

You can tell the whole team at Quirky Campers understand this work is about so much more than planting trees. It's about supporting farmers in Northern Malawi to become food secure and generating income for themselves & their families through sustainable agriculture. It's about protecting ancient forests and promoting biodiversity, and it's about rewilding a vast area of land.

It's wonderful to work with a growing organisation like Quirky Campers which fully understands how crucial this work is. In the face of the global climate crisis, we have to act now for ourselves and especially for the people currently at the forefront of climate change - like the communities we work with in northern Malawi. We can and need to all play our part and these can be through a variety of methods, including balancing our emissions. It's great, therefore, to see Quirky Campers taking action."


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