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Terms and Conditions

‘Temwa’ refers to the partnership of Temwa (UK registered charity 1101090) and Temwa Malawi (registered with the Malawi NGO Board) and any subcontractors and successor charities that may be appointed in the future.

‘You’ and ‘The Donor’ refer to any person, persons or organisation making a payment to Temwa with the intention of funding the Temwa Carbon Balance programme.

‘Restricted fund’. Monies held by a charity for a purpose specified by or agreed with the donor at the time when the donation was made. Restricted funds are managed separately from a charity’s general funds and are reported separately in the charity’s annual accounts.

‘Restricted donation’. Under UK charity law, when a donation is made to a charity on the basis that it will be spent according to specific restrictions, the donation will be held in a Restricted Fund. Such donations are known as Restricted Donations. 

‘Temwa Carbon Balance’, ‘The Programme’ refers to a programme of tree planting and other works carried out by Temwa in Malawi and funded by UK donors. The programme is managed as a Restricted Fund under UK charity law.

‘Restrictions’ refers to the agreement between a charity and a donor on how any payment made to a Restricted Fund will be managed, spent and reported on. This Terms and Conditions document forms the Restrictions for the Temwa Carbon Balance Restricted Fund.

‘Carbon pool’ refers to the quantity of carbon stored in the soil and vegetation within an area of land.

‘Recognised methodologies’ refers to systems, methods or procedures for assessing and evaluating programmes intended to sequester atmospheric CO2 that have been accepted by major international accreditation agencies such as Gold Standard or Verra.

‘CO2’ here refers to atmospheric carbon dioxide.

‘Sequester’ here refers to the process whereby carbon dioxide is removed from the atmosphere by plant photosynthesis, the carbon being converted into solid organic material and the oxygen being released. In the long term all such carbon is released back into the atmosphere as part of the natural carbon cycle. The Temwa Carbon Balance programme therefore seeks to carry out works that will result in long term landscape changes that last beyond the life of individual trees.

1. Payments to Temwa Carbon Balance are made as Restricted Donations. By making such a payment you agree to these terms and conditions which form the Restrictions for Temwa Carbon Balance.

2. All payments made to Temwa Carbon Balance will be identified as Restricted Donations to Temwa Carbon Balance within Temwa’s accounting system and annual accounts.

3. Payments to Temwa Carbon Balance are donations as defined in UK charity law. Any such payments made by private individuals, sole traders or partnerships are therefore eligible for Gift Aid so long as all of the normal conditions of Gift Aid are met. Payments made by limited companies are not eligible for Gift Aid.

4. Temwa commits to using all funds provided to the Temwa Carbon Balance programme to carry out works in good faith that can be reasonably expected according to recognised methodologies to sequester CO2 as set out below. Temwa further commits to monitor, evaluate and report on these works accurately, honestly and regularly. 

5. For each donation of £12.50 received, Temwa will carry out works in Northern Malawi that can be reasonably expected under recognised methodologies to sequester a minimum of one metric ton of CO2. Where donations are made that are not exact multiples of £12.50, works will be carried out to sequester a proportionate amount of CO2.

6. In order to sequester each metric ton of CO2 Temwa will plant a minimum of ten trees and carry out such other works as are deemed by Temwa’s board and management to be effective and appropriate for the sequestration of CO2. These other activities include but are not limited to support for sustainable agriculture, agroforestry and community governance.

7. In planning, delivering, monitoring and evaluating activities carried out to sequester CO2, Temwa will identify a baseline scenario which describes and quantifies the current and future carbon pool for the landscape areas in which our work will take place. Works will be considered as having sequestered CO2 where they increase the carbon pool in these landscape areas as compared with the baseline scenario. 

8. Temwa will carry out regular monitoring and evaluation of the programme according to recognised methodologies. Temwa will also commission an annual independent evaluation of the programme, which will be carried out by a consultant or agency with appropriate experience of such work. The results of both internal and external evaluations will be included in regular reporting to donors.

9. Individual payments to Temwa Carbon Balance will be added to the Temwa Carbon Balance Restricted Fund and used towards the full cost of the programme. Temwa will not associate individual donations with specific components of programme delivery. This means that Temwa will not identify individual trees as having been funded by specific donors or otherwise identify particular activities as having been funded by any individual donation.

10. Restricted funds held by Temwa for Temwa Carbon Balance will be used to cover the full cost of the programme including any costs in Malawi or the UK as can be reasonably identified as necessary for the administration and delivery of the programme.

11. Temwa will provide regular reports on programme activities and finances to all donors unless they have specifically requested not to receive such reports. These reports will include but not be limited to information on total funds received; total number of trees planted; other activities carried out; outcomes for the communities involved in the programme; and the balance of restricted funds held at the beginning and end of the reporting period.

12. The terms and conditions set out in this document form the whole of the Restrictions according to which donations to Temwa Carbon Balance are made. Where individual donors wish to make a donation towards Temwa Carbon Balance on the basis of any other restrictions these must be agreed in writing by both parties before payments can be accepted. Any payments made without such agreement are made on the basis of these Restrictions.