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We know your travel is important

There are many ways people are reducing their carbon footprint but there are some things that can’t easily be cut. Our Carbon Calculator helps measure your car and flight emissions. 

For £12.50 you can balance a tonne of CO2 by planting and protecting 10 trees. But you won’t just plant trees, you will help families to maintain forests and farm sustainably. This increases their food security and climate resilience while also capturing more CO2. What’s more, you will help communities enforce their own forestry laws and protect their land, so that the trees you plant stay in the ground. 

We’ll send you stories from the communities, project updates and an e-certificate and supporter logos. You will know where your money is going and who you are supporting.

Become Carbon Balanced with Temwa

Since 2003, Temwa has planted over 1.5 million trees, supported forest management and helped families adopt sustainable farming. Working in partnership with communities in Nkhata Bay North, Malawi, Temwa Carbon Balance expands this work. We will support communities to capture CO2 through trees, allowing you and your business to transparently balance your carbon emissions. 

With Temwa Carbon Balance, you and your business can:

Calculate your emissions. Using our carbon calculator or get a carbon audit

Discover ways to reduce your emissions.

Balance your carbon emissions through regular or single payments. In a way that is efficient, sustainable in the long-term and independently verified.

What is Temwa Carbon Balance?

Carbon balancing means supporting projects that remove CO2 from the atmosphere, or reduce CO2 emissions, to balance the emissions caused by your household, travel and commercial activities. We will balance your emissions through three strands of work, each of which delivers carbon benefits. 

Community-led tree planting: communities are supported to plant trees, learn new forestry techniques and ensure the long-term security of their woodland. 

Sustainable farming: we equip farmers and households to farm and plant in a way that builds soil depth and quality, and reduces erosion. This is a win-win: it improves food security and captures more carbon in the soil.

Local forest governance: we work with traditional leaders and local committees to establish and enforce by-laws to protect forests.

Every year, we will measure the carbon captured through this work using internationally agreed methods. We’ll provide you with regular reports showing how and where your money has been spent, along with personal stories from the communities who have benefited.


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