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Welcome from Jo, our Co-Founder

Welcome to Temwa Carbon Balance

Since Sophie and I first started working with the communities in Nkhata Bay North to found Temwa in 2003, planting trees and protecting local forests was always high on the agenda. Community members were keen to adopt new ways of farming to enable them to grow more crops. They were also concerned about the increase in flooding and droughts (which in part was caused by tree loss on river banks and in the hilly areas). With many families not knowing that deforestation was the cause of some of the biggest challenges they faced, they often resorted to cutting down trees to sell as firewood, or cutting down trees to create more farmland when money was tight. 

For almost two decades, it has been overwhelming and brilliant to see the communities partnering with Temwa to train 5,000 families to adopt sustainable farming methods, plant over 1.5 million trees and develop forest by-laws to protect local woodland. 

But, this has been happening alongside an increasing climate emergency. 

Conversations around the climate emergency with friends and strangers came back to the same thing, the problem seems too big. Others wanted to do something like plant trees but didn’t know where to start or how to choose the right project to support. 

With this in mind, we wanted to give people and businesses a chance to be part of the solution and make it as simple as possible. We looked at our agriculture and forestry project and saw the key foundations of a carbon balancing scheme. Temwa has been successfully supporting communities to plant trees, protect forests and grow food in a way that protects the land and forests. So we started working on creating the opportunity for people to be able to easily calculate their carbon emissions, to plant and protect trees and to know exactly where their money is going. 

And now we come to a really exciting point in our journey. I am so excited that we have launched Temwa Carbon Balance. I am someone who is extremely passionate about protecting our planet and ensuring we have land that is habitable for our generation and future generations (as well as all the creatures we share our planet with).

I am thrilled to invite you to become Carbon Balanced with Temwa today, 


Jo Hook - Temwa MD and Co-Founder  

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